Introducing Manekino

Based in Berlin, Germany, Manekino is a team of experienced and talented professionals, with skills covering all aspects of video production and post-production. We offer the following services:

Colour grading | Direction | Documentation | Editing
Localization | Music | Photography | Production | Scripting

Our portfolio

Our references


Arte, Canal Family, Canal Plus, Comedy, Direct 8,
France 2, France 4, France 5, M6, NT1, Paris Premiere, TF1, W9.


10 Men, Adidas, Barney's NY, Dior, Down By Retro, Escada, Fantastic Man, Gentlewoman,
Gucci, H&M, Joop!, Mango, Marc O'Polo, MCM, Neukoelln Shopping Nacht, Strenesse.


Alternative 4, Antimatter, Art Alexander, Berliner Moment, Blogotheque, The Dropout Patrol,
Tolga Fidan, Franz Is Dead, Matt Houston, Raz Ohara, Rimcash, Soul Beats Records, VAEV.


Myriam Boyer, Victor Dekyvere, Ole Endresen, Philipp Doering,
Sarah-Lou Lemaitre, Benoit Magne, Oleg Pogodin, Cybele Villemagne.


Adobe, Audi, Avid, BlackBerry, Continental, Electronic Arts, European Commission,
IBM, Lamborghini, Logitech, Nestle, Porsche, Symantec, Volkswagen.

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Manekino is:
Clementine Decremps, Adrien Le Lorier, Margot Le Lorier,
Laura Le Marchand, Mehdi Messouci & Natalie Pfister. | +49 151 51 62 50 90.
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